Sunday, 25 May 2014

This is Indonesia

I firstly feel no confident to compose a blog posting about my lovely country, because I myself sometimes don’t really know how Indonesia could be depicted. But okay, let’s start with the people here.

Guys, have you ever watched youtube channel playing Sacha Stevenson’s video of how she thinks of Indonesia entitles “How to act Indonesian”? Well, you must knew that she is Canadian who live in Indonesia for years. She appears in television a lot; even she often argues some opinions about Indonesian people as long as she sees as an outsider. What Sasa tells in video is not completely wrong, but some needs the cross opinion from Indonesian. Anyway, everyone has right to share opinions of Indonesia and its people. Here are some my point of views…

Many people say that Indonesian’s awareness of environment is less. You may still remember the case of Bungkul Park in Surabaya last month. Just for sake of free ice cream giving, they messed up the plants over there. The plants got ruined even some were dead. The head of Surabaya (what we call? mayor?) has already taken a re-planting program for the decay plants, and of course she previously got angry to the company that set up the event. In anger, she shouted that it is hard to grow plants in Surabaya, it even needed couple of years to take care of them in which the fund comes from the citizen.

I personally can’t blame the event holder since I believe that they already got permission from Surabaya government. They also have estimated the worst things that could happen. Instead, I am interested in criticizing people as the visitors who stepped on plants till ruined.

In our surrounding, I bet you often see how people are easy to damage plants (if you notice well). People apparently do not love plants, slowly but sure, I can’t see the plants intentionally planted in yard (regardless they have yard or not in front of house). It is likely that there is no desire to grow plants to create good environment and to save our planet in a small step. And one more example is when campaign of election few months ago. People advertised the candidates by nailing hundreds of pictures and posters on trees. Oh god, that’s awful. The worst thing is that they did not retake the spike that pierced on the trees.
I conclude that it is that happened to the visitors of Bungkul Park. They don’t love plants so that they could do such a terrible act.

Another undisciplined habit from Indonesian is riders’ custom in streets. When I was walking with my Australian friend (she's used to be my friend in playing “gamelan” at Campus), she shouted why it could be this way? It seemed that she wondered why we were waiting the cars to stop when we wanted to cross the road. “It is uncommon in Oz”, she said. She continued explained that in Oz, the cars that wait for pedestrians to across. the time I feel clumsy to explain more.

To be continued……

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